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Meet 2B abstract artist Brian Bayer

Focusing predominantly in the medium of painting, 2B Abstract artist Brian Bayer also includes sculpting, experiential art and molds in his current practice.  Rather than pre-planning a work at the start of creation, Bayer uses a deeply meditative practice as his works are created through a subconscious process of fluid motion, movement and coincidence. He strives to cultivate a state of mind that lets go of ego and preconceived ideas towards inner freedom and full acceptance of the art’s spontaneous will for creation.

Bayer's process often includes the artist entering into a transcendent, euphoric state as the art is created ultimately providing the viewer with a doorway that leads to a similar energy and state of transcendence. Vortexes, portals, organic shapes and rhythms appear throughout his work. His process reflects the human psyche as he layers experiences, thoughts, dreams, fears and hopes into a singular existence and vision.

Brian Bayer was born in Cleveland, Ohio growing up doing all things creative. Brian’s initial success in the arts was as an award-winning spoken word artist. Bayer was named a fellow of Cleveland’s highly competitive Community Partnership for Arts and Culture artist fellowship program receiving a year of professional development opportunities, publicity and a $20,000 award based on his work samples as an artist. He was featured in the arts section of the LA Times and Spin Magazine, has performed throughout the United States, and was featured in a group show at LA’s Highways performance space and gallery.